About the Council

Our borough is divided into 22 wards, served by 63 councillors in total. Redbridge Council is made up of the Labour Party, who hold 51 seats, and the Conservative Party who hold 12 seats.

Redbridge Council is changing to ensure that it is fit to support the needs of a rapidly growing population. We have worked intensively with partners and stakeholders over the past 12 months to develop two key documents which set out our vision for both the Borough and the Council.


Growing a new Redbridge

Redbridge Council, Metropolitan Police, Redbridge CVS, New City College and Barking & Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge CCG have published a joint Partnership Plan for 2025 (PDF 1767 KB). Redbridge is a great place to live, but we know it can be better.

The opportunity areas that all partners will work on over the coming years are:

·         Ensuring regeneration benefits our communities

·         Being a great place to live as a family

·         Tackling the root causes of social challenges

The key test of whether we are succeeding is whether our residents can feel and see positive changes around them. We have identified several residents – reflecting the diverse make-up of our Borough - whose lives we will follow throughout the course of this Borough plan. Every two years we will ask them for their views on how Redbridge is changing and publish the results.

Read the initial case studies (PDF 509 KB).


A Great Place to Live

Redbridge Council's part of the deal will be to provide the best possible services and support, while becoming a more open and democratic organisation, giving residents a real voice in the way we make decisions. The Council has published a Strategic Delivery Plan which sets out how it will contribute to the Partnership Plan.

Redbridge Council's key priorities for the next 10 years are to:

·         Regenerate the borough to benefit our residents and integrate new communities

·         Keep the borough clean and safe

·         Be a great place to live as a family

·         Tackle the root causes of social challenges

·         Build a brilliant Council


You can find more information on Redbridge Council and its politicians, staffing structures and budgets here: https://www.redbridge.gov.uk/about-the-council/